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Bronze Impeller Sea Water Pump

Bronze Impeller Sea Water Pump

SD series bronze impeller sea water pump is anti-corrosive, especially designed for handle seawater, fire waters. This pump can be coupled with electric motor and diesel engine.

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Series SD pumps are single stage, double suction with horizontal split casings. They are suitable for pumping unsettled water, clean water, non-drinkable or hydrocarbon at a temperature not exceeded 105℃.


  • Irrigation

  • Drainage pumping stations

  • Power stations

  • Seawater Desalination

  • Firefighting systems

Technical advantages

Pump Casing:

--Inline design

--short distance between bearings and correspondingly short shaft

--Leak-Tight due to compact joint flange with long, prestressed bolts

--Counter-Rotation possible with similar parts

--Double volute version for appropiate total heads

--Easy mounting- Self- Aligning upper casing

Service-Friendly shaft:

--Completely sealed and dry for zero corrosion

--Short and rigid with negligible vibrations

--Replaceable shaft protecting sleeves

--No threads exposed to pumped medium, long operating life and no corrosion

--Adjustment-Free assembly

--Quick and easy assembly/disamantling of the rotor components due to elestically prestressed mountings

High performance impeller:

--Minimal axial thrust due to double entry impeller

--Optional impeller wear rings

--New vane passage with excellent hydraulic characteristics

Long life bearings:

--Covered, sealed for life grease lubricated antifriction bearings for a long service life

--Open gland, i.e. Enough space for service activities

--Optional: Oil lubrication with constant level oiler

Excellent efficiency, outstanding NPSH:

--Computer-Optimized double entry impellers

--Smooth surfaces inside the casing and on the impeller

--Smooth, quite running also guranteed by a large impeller eye area

--No drop in efficiency due to cost effective replaceable casing wear rings and impeller wear rings

--Smooth, low loss running due to a swirl-free inlet

Select Chart Of SD Series Bronze Impeller Sea Water Pump

bronze impeller sea water pump performance curve.jpg

The SD Series Bronze Impeller Sea Water Pump can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine.

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