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Packing Seal End Suction Water Pump

Packing Seal End Suction Water Pump Performance Ranges: Capacity:6.3~1900m3/h Head:5~125m. Allowed suction pressure: <0.6Mpa.

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General Description

This Packing Seal End Suction Water Pumps are used for pumping clean water or liquids which are similar to clean water in properties of physics and chemistry. The temperature of IS series pump must not more than 80℃. Type ISR pumps can convey hot water not more than 105℃, the pumps are suitable for industrial and municipal water supply and drainage and are adapted for agricultural irrigation.

Product Photo

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Performance Ranges

Capacity: Q 6.3m3/h~1900m3/h

Head: 5~125m

Shaft Sealing

Type IS pump adopt soft-packed stuffing sealing in region of shaft sealing, the shaft is protected with renewable sleeve. Mechanical seal is also accepted if customized.


The pumps are driven by motor or diesel through a flexible spacer coupling or a longer one or belt. Rotation of pump is clockwise from direction of motor.

Balance device

To balancing the axial force, wear rings are designed on the front and back of impeller. The balancing holes are drilled in the back shroud of impeller.

Material Of Construction For Packing Seal End Suction Water Pump

Pump Casing------Cast iron

Pump Cover-------Cast iron

Shaft-------45 # steel

Impeller------Cast iron

Wear Ring------Cast iron


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Selection Chart

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1. Air conditioning

2. Fire protection

3. Plumbing

4. Irrigation

5. Water treatment

6. Chemical

7. Sea water treatment

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