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Chrome Alloy Sand Pump Impeller

Chrome Alloy Sand Pump Impeller

Chrome Alloy Sand Pump Impeller material could be A05, A49 or customized.All impellers dimension are interchangeable with the most common models.

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1. Structure

Chrome Alloy Sand Pump Impeller.jpg

2. Introduction

Spare parts of MAH Horizontal slurry pumps, heavy duty, horizontal slurry pump, highly efficiency transfer of abrasive and high density slurries with extended wear life and reliable service intervals. Materical is 27% chrome white iron. 

3. Material Code

 Material: 127, 147, 145, etc., such as C2127, D3147, E4147, F6147, G8147, G10147, FAM1247 etc

 1>For Mining use, the slurry pump designed to handle the transfer of abrasive and high density slurries, so the material is Cr26/Cr27

 2>For chemical medium, the impeller should be SS 304/SS316, or duplex stainless steel, carbon steel

 3>Foe clean water the impeller can be cast iron, grey iron, ductile iron.

4. Photos

Chrome Alloy Sand Pump Impeller2.jpg

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