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Rugged Submerged Pond Sludge Pump

Rugged Submerged Pond Sludge Pump is design with elastomer lined or hard metal fitted components, which makes the slurry pump ideal for abrasive / corrosive slurries, large particle size.The Rugged Submerged Pond Sludge Pump provide excellent wear life and minimal operating costs.

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Rugged Submerged Pond Sludge Pump is cantilevered shaft design, which eliminate the primary failure of bearing and shaft seal packing. The Rugged Submerged Pond Sludge Pump can be provided with optional recessed impeller and suction agitator, to pass oversize particles.

It has the characteristics of energy-saving effect, spinning, non-clogging, automatic installation and automatic control. What's more, it has a unique effect on the discharge of solid particles and long - fiber waste.  It is very convenient for installation and maintenance, so people do not have to enter the sewage.


-Sainless steel submersible pump is great for ponds, fountains, waterfalls and streams.

-Pump casing is made from abrasion-resistant, fiber reinforced plastic.

-No submerged bearings or packing and no shaft seal for cantilever design.

-Vortex design prevents clogging and the compact design is ideal for use in skimmers.

-Built-in overload and overheat motor protection


It is widely used for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper making industry, cement plant, steel plant, power plant, coal processing industry, as well as urban sewage treatment plant drainage system, municipal engineering, construction sites and other industries conveyor belt particles of sewage, sewage, which can also be used to pump water and with corrosive media.

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Model: MSP40PV

MSP: Hard Metal Vertical Slurry Pump

40: Pump Discharge Diameter, 40mm

PV: Slurry Pump Series

Applications of Rugged Submerged Pond Sludge Pump

- Coal sump

- Coal preparation

- Sand and gravel

- Potash fertilizer plant

- Chemical processing

- Power plant

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