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70m Head Submersible Sewage Pump

70m Head Submersible Sewage Pump

The WQ series submersible sewage pump can be used for handling sewage, fecal, waste water with long fabrics. The cutter in the pump inlet can help cut the long fabric.

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WQ series Non-clogging submersible sewage pump is a new generation of products on the basis of the introduction of advanced technology, and combined with the domestic water pump characteristic. Made of stainless steel, it can also deliver all kinds of corrosive liquids, food-grade liquids and stainless submersible pump products. It is energy saving, no congestion, automatic installation and control.

This series pump adopt unique impeller structure and new type of double mechanical seal, can delivery soilds and long fibers freely.


-Stable: There is no maximum allowable vacuum height problem in the slop pump, and no cavitation will occur.

-Simple structure: Small volume, no assistant vacuum pump, save invest.

-Noiseless: No noise, keep the silence of work station.

-Function: Alarm in advance to protect the motor when water leakage, overtemperature and other problems occur.

-High efficiency: With agitator, no need extra stirring devices, more convenience for operating. Directly work on the surface of slurry, with higher efficiency to deliver slurry.

submersible sewage pump


1. Industrial business seriously polluted waste water discharge.

2. Urban sewage treatment plant emissions system.

3. Residential sewage drainage station.

4. Civil air defense system drainage station.

5. Hospital, sewage discharge of the hotel.

6. Municipal engineering, construction site.

7. Exploration, mining supporting attached to the machine.

8. Rural biogas pool in farmland irrigation.

9. The waterworks water supply device.


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