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What Is A Slurry Pump

- Oct 26, 2017 -

The slurry pump is a type of water pump used for transfer slurry, muddy, trash containing solids in waer. It is kind of centrifugal pumps. 

Depending on the specific application, rotation controls particulates and prevents solids from entering and causing damage or corrosion to other machinery parts. In other applications, a slurry pump is used to keep solids suspended by preventing any settling or other separation of the solids from a liquid medium. Certain compounds and other materials require suspension in water for safe transport, utilizing a slurry pump to keep compounds suspended through constant motion.

While several slurry pump designs appear in the marketplace, the basic operating principles remain the same. The pump is housed in a high pressure casing, typically in a semi-spiral shape. Inside the casing are various drive devices that turn a shaft and bearing assembly. Impellers are located along the shaft, with vanes to help create the centrifugal force needed to spin the slurry. Once the drive devices are engaged, bearings keep the shaft turning smoothly and consistently, while the impeller swirls or centrifuges the slurry.