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Water Pump Right Choice

- Aug 02, 2017 -

water pump Right choice

What are the water saving measures?

(1) the use of efficient energy-saving pumps and high efficiency low-loss motor, and to improve the efficiency of the transmission.

(2) the correct choice of pump motor power. To prevent "big horse car". Replace the pump motor with too large capacity.

When the motor power is much larger than the actual needs, the method can be used to replace the motor power.

(3) choose a reasonable head.

When the pump head left too much margin. Will waste energy, it should be reasonable to determine the pump running point of the lift.

(4) reduce the pipe resistance.

Eliminate excess pipe fittings and unnecessary turning and acute angles on the pipe to reduce pipe resistance and reduce the unit power consumption of the delivery water. The way to reduce pipe resistance is:

① pipeline design should be reasonable.

② increase the diameter or double pipe drainage to reduce the flow rate.

③ as far as possible to shorten the length of the pipe, reducing joints, elbows and valves, in particular, to avoid the emergence of acute angle.

④ improve the pipe wall of the finish or coating.

⑤ timely removal of pipe wall dirt.

(5) water pump speed control.

The power consumption of the pump is proportional to the third power of the unit's speed, so the unit speed is changed according to the actual load condition. Can greatly save energy. The use of pump speed control measures, the initial investment is large, but the energy saving effect is remarkable, especially for large capacity pumps. It should be noted that the greater the head, the more the resistance curve, even if the speed changes slightly, the flow will be greatly changed, and the energy saving effect is poor.

(6) transformation of the pump impeller.

When the pump flow in use is greater than the actual required flow rate, and can not use the speed control or speed control device is not high cost, the original pump impeller can be turned or replace the impeller to reduce the flow and reduce Head to reduce the running power consumption of the pump.

(7) multi-stage pump with pumping run.

If the multi-stage pump has excess pressure, can be taken to 1 to 2, to improve efficiency and reduce the loss of purpose. Pumping a level can be demolished any of the middle, pumping 2 when the demolition of the middle 2,4 or 3,5 level can be. At the end of the second class is not pumping.