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Water Pump Purchase Method

- Jun 22, 2017 -

Water Pump Purchase method

Purchase method editor

Pump flow, that is, the amount of water, generally should not be selected too large, otherwise it will increase the cost of buying a pump. Should be selected on demand, such as the user's home use of self-priming pumps, flow should try to choose a little smaller; such as user irrigation submersible pumps, you can choose a larger flow.

1) to choose according to local conditions pump. Commonly used agricultural pump has three types, namely centrifugal pump, axial flow pump

And mixed flow pump. Centrifugal pump head is high, but the water is not large, suitable for mountain and well irrigation; axial pump out of the larger water, but the head is not too high for the use of plain areas; mixed flow pump and the lift between the centrifugal pump And between axial pumps, suitable for use in plains and hilly areas. The user should be based on the ground, water and water height to buy.

2) should be appropriate to exceed the standard pump. Determine the pump type, to consider its economic performance, with particular attention to the pump head and flow and its supporting power choice. It is important to note that the head (head lift) indicated on the pump plate is different from the head lift (actual head) at the time of use, due to a loss of resistance due to the flow of water through pipelines and pipelines. Therefore, the actual head generally lower than the total head 10% -20%, the corresponding reduction in the amount of water. Therefore, the actual use, only according to the signs of the lift and flow of 80% to 90% of the estimated, pump matching power selection, according to the signs on the power of choice, in order to make the pump start quickly and the use of safety, power Power can be slightly larger than the power required for the pump, generally about 10% higher than appropriate; if you have power, buy the pump, you can press the power of the power to buy with the matching pump.

3) to strict procedures to buy water pump. Purchase to test the "three card", that is, agricultural machinery to promote the permit, production license and product inspection certificate, only three cards Qi to avoid the purchase of products and poor quality products.

Number of options

1, the normal operation of the pump, generally only one, because a large pump and the parallel work of two small pump quite, (refers to the head, the same flow), the pump efficiency is higher than the small pump, Choose a large pump, rather than two small pumps, but in the following circumstances, consider two pumps in parallel: a large flow, a pump can not reach this flow.

2, for the need for 50% of the standby rate of large pumps, you can change the two smaller pump work, two standby (a total of four)

3, for some large pumps, optional 70% of the flow requirements of the pump in parallel operation, no spare pump, in a pump maintenance, another pump is still responsible for the production of 70% of the delivery.

4, on the need for 24 hours continuous non-stop operation of the pump, should spare three pumps, one operation, a spare, a maintenance.