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- Jul 18, 2017 -

Water Pump Pump products

Now, in all areas of life, we do not consciously need to use all kinds of pump products, including life pumps are we are more familiar with.

Especially in the agricultural field, we are the most frequent contact is the pump. In fact, in the use of the product, we can choose according to reasonable actual situation, through some appropriate tips to make the effect of play more ideal:

First, a reasonable choice of product model, which is very important, often because of the efficiency of the match does not lead to a serious waste of energy. From a long-term perspective, this is very critical for the improvement of economic efficiency.

Second, it can be improved through reasonable technological transformation to improve its safety performance and reduce the cost of electricity consumption.

Third, the active use of new technologies to achieve the efficiency of the upgrade, such as frequency conversion technology is a more widely used. In the continuous promotion of the technology, the future will be more widely used in various industries.

Double-suction pump energy-saving topic has always been quietly, and how do you know this problem?

1, cancel the gate valve and check valve. Gate valve and check valve resistance coefficient is larger, the role of the gate valve is to adjust the water, but the agricultural pump water does not have to adjust, so you can save. The role of the check valve is to prevent the water back, with the door, it is not necessary to check the valve.

2, cancel the bottom valve. Bottom valve resistance coefficient is large, generally reduce the head about 1.5 meters. The efficiency of the pump after eliminating the bottom valve will be significantly improved. If the door in the outlet installed on a beat the door, and then sealed the box with butter, so that after the start again when the pump does not need to fill water.

3, the pump ramp or pump volute to turn. This allows the inlet and outlet pipes to flow straight into the pond to reduce the elbow.

4, to reduce the loss of pipeline filter. The use of 0.8 mm steel wire instead of the filter, can increase the cross-section of the cross-section and reduce power consumption.

5, the water pipe should have enough submerged depth. When the submerged depth is not enough, the water will produce a vortex, the air into the pump, reducing the efficiency of the pump. The depth of flooding in the dry season should be greater than 0.5 meters.

6, to avoid "anti-aircraft gun" type of water law. As the outlet pipe is higher than the water level of the outlet, the head loss is large, the water flowing out of the nozzle will produce reflected waves on the side wall, increase the pressure of the outlet and affect the water.

7, the choice of economic diameter. The resistance loss of the water pipe is inversely proportional to the 5th power of the pipe diameter, and the smaller the diameter of the water pipe, the greater the resistance.

8, timely removal of flow channel blockage. If there is impurities blocked into the water pipe, impeller or diversion case flow channel, it will reduce the amount of water.

9, to improve the belt drive efficiency. Note that the tight side of the belt and the loose side of the drive package angle, do not use the wide belt to narrow belt, and pay attention to the belt tightness.

10, change the ring, adjust the axial clearance. Impeller ring gap, volumetric efficiency decreased, so to check the ring gap regularly. The value of the axial clearance shall be adjusted in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturer's instructions.