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Water Pump Principles Of Fluid Mechanics

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Water Pump Principles of fluid mechanics

According to the principle of fluid mechanics, when the pump is running, there is pressure water in the pipeline system to a certain speed of movement, when the speed direction and size changes, the pipeline system will produce dynamic reaction, resulting in the main reaction force Road is the outlet pipe bend, check valve outlet pipe that is out of the water pipe turn. The same time as the above-

According to the theory of mechanics and material mechanics, the pump is piped to the fulcrum through the pipeline, but the fulcrum will not be equal to the force, and the pump connected to the pipeline a beam, That is, the cross-section will be the role of bending moment, especially when the fulcrum bearing capacity is very small or even vacant circumstances, the entire pipeline from the fulcrum into a right cantilever, pump near the import and export will bear a huge moment effect. The same time as the above-

 The location of the pump fracture in the pump outlet section, the crack surface crack shape for the tilt direction, and the horizontal line angle. According to the fracture position and fracture crack shape, and according to force analysis, basically can be concluded because the installation, the fulcrum between the support preload is not enough or no support force (floating), and in the pump out of the water pipe is not set fulcrum , Causing the pipe to become a quasi-cantilever beam (fully cantilever when suspended). The same time as the above-

The pump near the fulcrum, the pump near the pipe section to bear the bending moment of the larger role, due to the pump section of the bending section of the minimum modulus, when the pump is stopped, the pipeline system only static, The cross section can withstand the static moment, but when the pump is running after a period of time, on the one hand will produce dynamic reaction, on the other hand continue to vibrate and other external forces (including the pump when the water pressure) factors, resulting in cross- Moments increase and break.

1. Pump installation points

The installation position of the pump should meet the requirement of allowing the vacuum height to be sucked. The foundation must be horizontal and stable to ensure that the direction of rotation of the power machine is consistent with the direction of rotation of the pump. Pump and power machine with shaft connection, to ensure that the axis in the same line, to prevent the unit running vibration and bearing single-sided wear; if the use of tape drive, the axis should be parallel to each other, tape wheel alignment. If there are multiple units in the same room, between the unit and the unit, between the unit and the wall should be more than 800mm distance. Water pump suction pipe must be sealed well, and minimize the elbow and gate valve, filling the drainage should be exhausted air, run-time tube should not accumulate air, requiring the suction tube was slightly inclined with the pump inlet connection, the inlet should be a certain Of the submerged depth. Water pump based on the reserved hole, should be based on the size of the pump pouring.

2. Pump common fault analysis and treatment methods

Different types of pumps, the failure of the performance of different forms, but summed up, have the following common features.

(1) lack of traffic

Due to lack of pump flow is the suction pipe leakage, bottom valve leakage; inlet blockage; bottom valve into the water depth; pump speed is too low; seal ring or impeller wear too large;

Treatment: check the suction pipe and the bottom valve, blocking the air source; clean the inlet of the sludge or plugging; bottom valve into the water depth must be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the inlet pipe to increase the bottom valve into the water depth; check the power supply voltage, Increase the pump speed, replace the seal ring or impeller; reduce the installation location of the pump, or replace the high-lift pump.