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Water Pump Assembly And Disassembly

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Before assembly, please check whether there are defects on parts affecting assembly and clean. 

1.Tighten all coupling bolts and screw blocks onto the corresbonding parts in advance. 

2.Place"O" ring, papercushion, hair felt onto corresbonding parts in advance. 

3.Install seal rings, stuffing rings, stuffing cover into the pump coverim the sequence in advance. 

4.Install rolling bearing onto shaft, and install into the suspended frame, close cover to press on the rolling bearing, then screw coupling bolts onto the shaft. 

5.Install shaft sleeve into the shaft, install the pump cover onto the suspended frame, then install impellers, lock gaskets, impeller nuts and tighten, finally, install the parts above into the pump body, and tighten the coupling bolts on pump body and pump cover. 

During the assembly procedure above, some small parts, such as flatkey, oil baffledis, "O" ring in water baffle ring bearin and so on, are likely to be omitted or assembled wrongly, please pay attention to that. 

The disassembly of a pump is in the reversed sequence of assembly approximately.