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Variable Frequency Constance Pressure Multistage Booster Pump

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Max.Head: 80-110m

  • Pressure Medium: Water

  • Position of Pump Shaft: Vertical Edge

  • Trademark: MST

  • Origin: China

  • Max.Capacity: 300-400 L/min

  • Type: Desktop

  • Certification: ISO

  • Transport Package: Plywood Cases

Product Description

Products description
1 Characteristics:

  • Saves in capital and running [energy] costs.

  • Reduces maintenance related costs and downtime.

  • Improves the "GREEN" rating of the project, where installed.

2 Operational principle:
The water enter stainless steel steady flow tank, the tank air is flowing out from the vacuum controller,then the vacuum controller automatically closed.
The water supply equipment directly supply water to water pipe network from bypass check valve when
Tap water can meet the requirements of water pressure and water quantity;

When the pressure in pipeline networks of tap water can not meet the water requirement,the system give a signal to pump, then the pump works.When the pump supply water, the system keep supplying water if the water quantity in pipeline network of tap water is more than pump capacity.

During the peak time of water use,if the water quantity in the pipeline network of tap water is less than the pump capacity,the water in the stainless steel steady flow tank can supply water normally as supplementaty water source, at this time, the air enter into the stainless steel steady flow tank through vacuum control suppressor, eliminate the negative pressure in the pipeline network of tap water;And after the peak time of water use, the system recover the normal condition.If the tap water is not enough or the pipeline network stop supply water and result in the water level in regulating tank falls ,the liquid level controller send signal to water outlet pump in order to protect pump unit.

You can use small expansion tank to supply water at night or it is need to supply small quantity water to prevent the pump from start frequently.

Application area:
Living pressure water supply in urban and rural construction;
Fire hydrant system and sprinkler;
Air conditioning cold and hot water circulation system;
Expansion vessel;
Urban and rural water plant,booster station;
Boiler feed water;
Pure water equipment;
Water supply system for all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises (Chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, brewing, etc.) ;
Golf course, garden and agricultural irrigation;
Drainage system

3 Mainly technical parameters:
Flow range:0-10000m3/h
Pressure range:0-2.5MPa
Control power:≤550Kw
Pressure regulating precesion:≤±0.01Mpa
Environment temperature:0oC-40oC
Environment humudity:≤90%(electronic control)
Power:380V×(1±10%) 50Hz±2Hz
Flow regulator:0.5 m3-100 m3
Flow range:0-10000mm3/h