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Use And Maintenance Of Submersible Sewage Pump

- Dec 20, 2017 -

1. Warming 

A) Pump reliable grounding must be provided.

B) Pump run-time, humans and other animals will not be allowed to enter the pool or touch the pump.

C) The pump is mobile, before repairing, should first cut off power supply.

D) Pump operation may not arbitrarily pull cables.

E) Prohibited the cable from the sling to use or impact , rolling cable;

Notes: The pump can not be used in the flammable, explosive media environment, can not transport flammable liquids.

2. Precautions for Use

Lifting the pump should be used with the pump connected chain, placed flat. The pump should stand straight and not fall into the sludge.

② Spit out the pipe line should be installed flow regulating valve, prevent excessive pump flow in motor overloaded.

3. Check before using

Carefully check the pump with or without deformation or damage, the fasteners are loose or fall off; check whether the cable damaged, break off,cable entry seals are intact, discovered that bad should be properly addressed in a timely manner.

② Check the motor casing and the insulation resistance values between, use 500Vmeggermeasurement whose value should be greater than 50MΩ when the ambient temperature is 5°C ,should be greater than 10MΩ when the ambient temperature is 30°C range.

③ Check the oil indoor if there is oil. Check the screw tightened to ensure that no leakage.      

④ Check whether the pump rotating flexible(the pump into the water before Jog the pump check the steering is correct, pay attention to safety)      

Note: check the power supply device is safe and reliable, normal, check whether has reliable grounding!

4. Starting and Running

Start when the flow control valve to close the outlet line, when the pump at full speed and then gradually open the valve.   

Note: not long time in small flow even water valve shut up under the condition of the long time running.


Close the valve of the outlet line, and then stop

6. Regular inspection and maintenance

① Motor connect and the stator casing insulation resistance requirements as above, check the grounding reliable;

② Pump impeller sealing mouth ring with the gaps between the direction of less than two mm in diameter. Or should be replaced seal ring.

③ After running for half a year, Check the oil chamber of the oil situation, such as the oil into the emulsion state, you should replace the N10 or N15 machine oil. Oil should not be filled with must remain 10% gap. In a short time after oil leakage alarm operation, should check the mechanical seal and screw on whether the sealing is reliable      

Note: tear open outfit check mechanical seal, motor, oil chamber and cable should work by professional maintenance or factory.