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Slurry Pump Operation Should Pay Attention

- Aug 02, 2017 -

slurry pump Operation should pay attention

Safety Operation Rules and Common Trouble Shooting of Mud Pump

1, before the start of inspection: the connection parts to be fastened; electric rotation direction should be correct; clutch flexible and reliable; pipe connection is firm, reliable sealing, flexible and effective bottom valve. The same time as

    2, liquid mud pump [1] before the start, the suction pipe, the end of the valve, the pump must be filled with water, pressure gauge buffer filled with oil. The same time as

    3, hand rotation, so that the piston back and forth twice, no obstruction and the line insulation is good when the no-load start, after starting, to be normal operation and then gradually increase the load. The same time as

    4, the operation should pay attention to the sealing device sealing situation, if necessary, to be adjusted. The rod and the auxiliary rod should always be lubricated with oil. The same time as

    5, the operation often test mud sediment content shall not exceed 10%. The same time as

    6, there are several speed of the mud pump to make the splash lubrication and reliable, should be in the operation of each class will be a few files speed were running, the time is not less than 30 seconds. The same time as

    7, is strictly prohibited in the operation of the speed, the need to shift the pump should shift.

    Fault 1: Pump vibration

Reason: pump shaft and diesel engine (or motor) are not heart, impeller imbalance, bearing damage;

Solution: adjust the concentricity, impeller balance test, replace the bearing.

Fault 2: pump water is slow

Reason: the front liner and impeller clearance, the water pipe can not seal the air, emptying full;

Solution: adjust the gap, adjust the outlet pipe, install the vacuum device.

Fault 3: Pump does not absorb water

Reason: pouring water is not enough, the pump can not be discharged from the air, suction pipe leakage, the front liner and impeller clearance;

The original solution: continue to pour water, check the pipeline is leak, adjust the impeller and the front liner clearance.

Fault 4: the water pressure is small, the flow is small

Reason: the pump has air, impeller and front liner gap, the clutch is not tight, impeller or liner wear;

Solution: emptying the pump gas, adjust the gap to adjust the clutch friction plate gap, replace the impeller or liner.

Fault 5: Pump wear fast

Reason: the construction environment (large particles) is poor, the transport distance is far, the water pipe length;

Solution: replace the battlefield, add afterburner, shorten the length of the inlet pipe to reduce cavitation.

Fault 6: Impeller journal wear fast

Reason: high-pressure pump head low, packing dislocation, pump shaft and back cover is not heart;

Solution: replace the high pressure pump higher than the mud pump head, replace the packing, adjust the concentricity.