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Sewage Pump Compact Structure

- Jul 05, 2017 -

 sewage pump Compact structure

Diving sewage pump is a pump and motor Siamese, compared with the general horizontal pump or vertical sewage pump, submersible sewage pump has obvious the following aspects of the advantages:

 1. Easy installation and maintenance. Small submersible sewage pump can be free to install, large submersible sewage pump are generally equipped with automatic coupling device can be automatically installed, easy installation and maintenance. Continuous operation for a long time. Diving sewage pump due to the pump and motor coaxial, shaft short, rotating parts light weight, so the bearing to bear the load (radial) is relatively small, life is much longer than the average pump.

3. Compact structure, small footprint. Diving sewage pump submerged as a result of submerged work, it can be installed directly in the sewage pool, without the need to build a dedicated pump room to install pumps and machines, you can save a lot of land and infrastructure costs.

4. There is no problem such as cavitation damage and irrigation. Especially after the operation of the staff to bring a lot of convenience.

5. Vibration noise is small, the motor temperature is low, no pollution to the environment.

It is precisely because of the above advantages, submersible sewage pump has been more and more attention, the use of more and more wide range, from the original simply used to transport water to the present can transport a variety of domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, Site drainage, liquid feed and so on. In the municipal engineering, industry, hospitals, construction, hotels, water conservancy construction and other industries play a very important role.

But everything is divided into two, for the submersible sewage pump is the most critical issue is the reliability of the problem, because the use of submersible sewage pump is in the liquid; transport medium is a mixture of solid materials containing some of the material; Pump and the motor is very close; pump for the vertical arrangement, the weight of rotating parts and impeller to withstand the same water pressure. These problems make the submersible sewage pump in the seal, the motor carrying capacity, bearing layout and selection requirements are higher than the average sewage pump.

1, a pump and suction pipe all on the water. This situation will directly damage the multi-stage pump, or even can not use. Because the pump should be placed on land, because it is inside the electricity, placed in the water is neither safe nor easy to damage the pump. So when the slurry pump to work on the slurry pump on the land.

2, and then is the mud pump motor together with the water pipe, pump body into the water together, and the motor itself is to pump the power, into the water after the water will be conductive and will burn the motor, and even the motor It is directly scrapped. So we use the time to put the motor on the water, but also to multi-stage pump fixed, to prevent the motor when the motor pulled into the water.

3, multi-stage pump filled with water inside the work directly. Such a situation will burn all inside the sealed shaft. This is a must not forget a step, otherwise the multi-stage pump machine can not work.

4, did not place a network at the entrance. If the water inlet is not placed in a network, then it will cause the phenomenon of card pump, causing water pipes blocked, serious may also be burned because the pump. Because there will be a lot of stop there will be a lot of impurities into the water pipe to plug the damaged pump.

5, after the installation of multi-stage pump did not check. This may cause the filler to leak material, resulting in insufficient pump flow. Because after the installation may not be tightening the packing port, resulting in the occurrence of leakage material phenomenon. What we have to do is to compact the stuffing mouth.

The above is a few common and very easy to commit a small mistake, we use the slurry pump when the correct use in accordance with the instructions and the use of steps to prevent damage to peeling machine. Make it work correctly and efficiently for us.