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Pay Attention To The Tips Of Submersible Sewage Pump

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1. Submersible sewage pump installed fixed and mobile two. When using fixed automatic installation, the chain should be worn separately (deviate from the pump outlet, the connection should be parallel to the pump outlet) two rings screw or lifting plate from the lifting pump. Slide slowly and evenly along the guide rail until it is automatically coupled in place. When using the mobile installation, the first hose set, with the rope through the two lifting rings up and down the pump, be careful not to use the cable as a rope, so as to avoid danger.

2. With 500V megger to measure the same electric pump motor and the relative insulation resistance, the value should not be less than 2 megohms, or the stator winding should be dried, the drying temperature should not exceed 120 ℃.

3. Submersible sewage pump should be carefully checked before use cables are damaged, fasteners are loose or off, the pump in the transport, storage, installation process without distortion or damage.

4. No self-circulating cooling device is strictly prohibited the long-term operation of the pump exposed surface to prevent damage to the pump overheating.

5. The pump may not be long-term low-lift operation (the general use of lift should not be less than 60% of the rated lift), the best can control the lift within the proposed use within the pump to prevent overloading due to overload and burn the motor.

6. Submersible sewage pump in the absence of special circumstances must be equipped with automatic pump control cabinet, do not directly linked to the power grid or switch to switch on the power to ensure the normal operation of the pump.

7. Submersible sewage pump chassis ground must be strictly in accordance with the relevant procedures, in order to ensure the safety of personal use, in the pump operation, the installation is prohibited in the vicinity of the water to do things or move in case of electric pump leakage occurred Accident.

8. The submersible sewage pump connected to the rotation direction from the inlet as a counterclockwise rotation, if the pump reversal, simply the cable line in any two lines to swap the wiring position can be.