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Main Points For Selecting ISW Centrifugal Pipeline Pump

- Dec 22, 2017 -

ISW horizontal pipeline centrifugal pump to choose a reasonable pump, need to consider the pump unit, pumping station investment and operating costs and other comprehensive technical and economic indicators, to make it in line with economic, security and applicable principles. Now to introduce the selection of horizontal pipeline centrifugal pump need to pay attention to several aspects.

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1. High efficiency, low noise, energy-saving pumps, no choice to eliminate the product.

2. It should be based on the design flow, the required lift election pump, and consider the pump due to wear and tear caused by decreased pump output, according to the calculated head H by 1.05 to 1.10 coefficient after the election pump; should choose the characteristic curve with the flow rate increases Its pump head gradually decreased, this pump is stable, reliable work in parallel; and the pump operating point of operation should be maintained in high-efficiency operation, so that energy-saving and not easy to damage the mechanical parts.

3. When the water supply network without adjustment facilities, should be used speed pump group or rated speed pump group marshalling run water supply. The maximum output of the pump group should not be less than the design of district water flow, and should check the fire conditions.

4. Selecting the tank, water tower lift pump should minimize the number of pumps, should be a use of a prepared; when a single pump to meet the requirements, it is not appropriate to use more than one parallel; if you must use more than one parallel operation or size of the pump with When its model, the number of units should not be too much, generally not more than two models, the pump lift range should be similar; parallel operation of each pump should still be operating within the high-efficiency zone.

5. Variable frequency speed pump (group) design water flow should ensure that the life of the water supply system to meet the maximum design of the second flow requirements. The power supply should be reliable (dual power supply or dual-loop power supply); pump operating point should be selected in the pump performance curve (QH curve) of the efficient work area, and should not be selected in the QH curve extension line, the design of the most unfavorable operating point should At the right end of the high-efficiency section of the pump's characteristic curve, the point at which the pump has the largest amount of water and the low lift but meets the requirements, is the intersection of the low point of the high-efficiency section of the pump's characteristic curve with the pipe's characteristic curve. Pump speed range of work can be as efficient as possible within the pump; speed range should be set at 25% to 100% of the pump water supply; equipment should have automatic water level control.

6. Life pressurized water pump system should be set up standby pump, spare pump water supply capacity should be greater than the maximum capacity of a running water pump, the pump should automatically switch, alternating operation.

7. The pump with motor voltage should be the same, and the power system should be the same as the national grid power supply.