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ISG Vertical Inline Water Pump

- Jan 02, 2019 -

ISG vertical inline water pump

ISG pump


Performance Range

a)Head: 11~105m

b)Medium temperature: up to 80°C

c)Operation pressure:≤0.6MPa

d)Capacity: 72~12000m3/h


Product Features

a)Compact structure

b)Stable running, low noise

c)No leakage

d)Convenient operation

e)Viewing from the inlet of the pump, the outlet of it can be mounted in one of the three ways, horizontally leftward,vertically upward and horizontally rightward


Product Applications

a)water supply and drainage in industries and cities

b)boost water-feeding for high buildings

c)garden irregation

d)fire-fighting water supply boost

e)remote distance transportation.