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Installation Of Self Priming Pumps

- Apr 19, 2018 -



Locate the pump as close to the water as possible. This will reduce the suction lift to provide maximum output. The unit should be set firmly in a level position. This is particularly important for engine-driven and transmission head units to insure the proper operation for the lubrication system. No foundation is necessary unless the installation is to be permanent.




Keep the suction and discharge lines as large as possible. Avoid using bends, elbows and fittings whenever possible. All suction connections must be airtight. Use pipe compound on all threaded joints.


If possible, please use a suction strainer to prevent large solids and foreign matter from being drawn into the pump.





Hazardous voltage, can shock, burn, or cause death.


Ground motor before connecting to electrical power supply.

Failure to ground motor can cause severe or fatal electrical shock.


Do not ground to a gas supply line.


To avoid dangerous or fatal electrical shock, turn OFF power to motor before working on electrical connections.


Supply voltage must be within 10% of nameplate voltage, Incorrect voltage can cause fire or seriously damage motor and voids warranty. If in doubt, consult a licensed electrician.

Before using pump, check your motor nameplate for voltage. Your electric supply voltage and the stamped nameplate voltage must match.


Motors stamped 380 volts only or 460 volts only must be used with that voltage only. For these motors check the connections against the wiring diagram on the motor nameplate and make any changes necessary to agree with your supply voltage. If in doubt, call a licensed electrician. Incorrect voltage will cause serious damage to the motor.


To check motors for proper rotation: Remove the motor end cover. This exposes the motor shaft. If hook-up is correct, the shaft will rotate clockwise. If rotation is not clockwise, see motor nameplate for installation information. BE SURE the power is off when working on electrical connections.


Motors can operate at high temperature and will be too hot to touch. Stop the pump to protected it from heat damage during operation. Before handling pump or motor, allow it to cool for 20 minutes.