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Horizontal Slurry Pump Material Of The Excellent

- Jul 18, 2017 -

Horizontal Slurry Pump Material of the excellent

The superiority of the horizontal mud pump material determines its very light texture, so that the horizontal mud pump looks beautiful natural simple and harmonious, horizontal mud pump quality workmanship now horizontal mud pump solder joints are very solid and reliable, and Horizontal mud pump the distance of the mesh evenly through the scientific and reasonable comprehensive set, while the horizontal mud pump can make the flat surface beautiful and has a high durability and corrosion resistance. The scope of the horizontal mud pump is very large to meet the needs of all walks of life, such as horizontal mud pump can be used for building decoration and urban subway and railway construction, while horizontal mud pump can also be used Municipal buildings and covers and other construction areas. Horizontal mud pump is a cage-like box, horizontal mud pump in the performance, technology, structure and so has many advantages, still has a low price, less maintenance features, so more and more horizontal Mud pump industry widely recognized and loved. Horizontal mud pump can be described as numerous, for the development and progress of today's society has made an indelible, can not ignore the contribution. The embodiment of scientific and technological progress is the emergence of more inventions that benefit people's lives, and horizontal mud pumps are proof of technological progress. Since ancient times, horizontal mud pump from the initial form of continuous development, after several innovation and reform, has gradually enriched and improved up. When the mud pump is in operation, the operating point of the pump is appropriate in the area of the highest efficiency of the pump. At this time, you need to change the flow of mud pump to adjust the pump's efficiency. Mud pump is in the drilling process, to the drilling of mud or water and other washing fluid machinery. Mud pumps are an important part of drilling machinery and equipment. Its main role is to drill in the process of drilling with the drill bit into the downhole, play a cooling bit, cleaning the drill, fixed the wall, driving drilling, and drilling back to the ground after the role of cuttings.

In the commonly used circular drilling, the mud pump is the surface of the rinse medium - water, mud or polymer rinse liquid under a certain pressure, through the high pressure hose, faucet and drill rod center hole directly to the bottom of the drill to achieve Cooling the drill bit, the cutting down the cuttings and transport to the surface of the purpose.

Commonly used mud pump is piston or plunger type, driven by the power machine crankshaft crankshaft crankshaft through the cross head and then drive the piston or plunger in the pump cylinder to do reciprocating motion. In the inhalation and discharge valve under the alternating effect, to achieve the purpose of pressure and circulation rinse solution.

Mud pumps are one of the products in the pump. The two main parameters in the performance are displacement and pressure. The displacement is calculated by several liters per minute. It is the same as the drilling diameter and the required flushing fluid. Back to the speed, that is, the larger the aperture, the greater the required displacement. Requires the return of the rinse liquid to cut the drill bit down the cuttings, rock powder and timely washed away from the bottom of the hole, and reliably carried to the surface. Geological core drilling, the general return speed of 0.4 to 1 m / min or so.

And the pressure of the mud pump depends on the size of the drilling, flushing fluid through the resistance of the channel and the nature of the washing fluid. The deeper the drilling, the greater the resistance of the pipeline, the higher the pressure required. With the drilling diameter, depth changes, the requirements of the pump displacement can be adjusted at any time. In the pump mechanism is equipped with gearbox or hydraulic motor to adjust its speed, in order to achieve the purpose of changing the displacement.

Finally, in order to accurately grasp the pump pressure and displacement changes, you can install the mud pump on the flowmeter and pressure gauge, at any time so that the drilling staff to understand the operation of the pump, while the pressure changes through the hole to determine whether the normal condition to prevent the occurrence of holes Internal accident.