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Daily Maintenance Of Centrifugal Pump

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Daily maintenance of centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pump daily maintenance is an important guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the centrifugal pump. Only when the centrifugal pump is operated under a good equipment condition can the equipment performance be fully utilized to ensure the normal production needs.

Under normal circumstances, the entire centrifugal pump has been adjusted before leaving the factory. Within six months after purchasing the pump, the unused centrifugal pump does not require a demolition work. It is only necessary to check whether the rotation is flexible, whether there is rust and whether it is to be filled with oil. If it is a packing sealed centrifugal pump, for example, KKW series centrifugal pumps and horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps need to be filled before the pump is used.

The routine maintenance and maintenance of centrifugal pumps usually involves the following:

(1) Keep the equipment clean, dry, free of oil, and leak free.

(2) Check whether the running sound of the centrifugal pump is normal every day, whether there is vibration and leakage, and if any problems are found, promptly handle the problem.

(3) Check daily whether the oil level in the suspension oil of the centrifugal pump is appropriate. It must be maintained at 1/3 and 2/3 of the oil level.
(4) The centrifugal pump is forbidden to work under the condition that the liquid in the water tank (bucket) is evacuated, because the centrifugal pump not only vibrates violently in the evacuated state, but also affects the life of the pump. Therefore, special attention must be paid to it.

(5) It is forbidden to enter metallic objects and rubber flexible materials such as rubber, cotton, and plastic cloths in the centrifugal pump so as not to damage the overflow components of the water pump and to block the impeller flow channels, so that the pump cannot work normally.

(6) Periodically check the concentricity of the claw coupling.

(7) Packing sealed centrifugal pumps should regularly check the leakage at the stuffing box. The normal leakage at the stuffing box is 10 to 20 drops per minute; otherwise, the elastic position of the packing glands should be adjusted. Recommended for mechanically sealed centrifugal pumps such as the KKW series of horizontal centrifugal pumps

(8) The bearing temperature should always be checked, and the maximum temperature generally cannot exceed 70°C to 75°C.

(9) Within the first month of operation of the pump, after 100 hours of operation, replace the oil in the suspension oil chamber. After each 500h of operation of the water pump, replace the lubricant.

(10) Check if there is any looseness in the support system of the inlet and outlet piping systems (pipe fittings, valves) of the centrifugal pump. Ensure that the support mechanism is firm and the pump body does not bear the supporting force.

(11) The tightening of the basic fastening bolts of the centrifugal pump should be checked frequently to ensure a firm and reliable connection.

(12) When the centrifugal pump is not used for a long time, the pump should be disassembled, treated for rust prevention, reinstalled, and properly stored for future reuse.

(13) When the spare centrifugal pump installed in the production system does not operate for a long time, it should be rotated 1/4 revolution per week so that the pump shaft can evenly bear the static load and external vibration.

(14) When the centrifugal pump is operated for about 2000 hours, periodic inspections shall be carried out to repair or replace damaged parts so that the pumps are always in good condition.

(15) After the new installation and maintenance of the centrifugal pump, must first try the motor steering, and then put on the pin of the coupling.

(16) Centrifugal pumps allow the pump to reverse when the motor is de-energized. However, special attention should be paid to the fact that when the height difference between centrifugal pumps is particularly high, a check valve should be installed on the pipeline to prevent backflow of the backwater and control the sudden reversal of the centrifugal pump.