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Causes Of Faults And Countermeasures For Submersible Slurry Pump

- Dec 07, 2017 -


Possible Causes


The current is overhigh and exceeds the rated current.

1. The pump is friction-resistant.

1. adjusting the clearance

2.The pump lift of the device is too low and the pump   is operated in larger flow rate.

2. controlling the flow rate by the valve or replacing   a pump with proper pump lift

3. The bearing is damaged.

3. replacing the bearing

The motor does not rotate and has noise when started.

1. The voltage is too low

1.adjusting the voltage to the rated value

2. The motor is rotated with single phase.

2. checking the lines and connecting the broken lines

3. The pump is blocked by foreign matters.

3. removing the foreign matters

4. The impeller rubs with the inner pump cover or the   water suction plate.

4. adjusting the clearance of the impeller to normal   value

The insulation resistance is reduced to below 0.5 MΏ.

1. Cable connector is damaged.

1. treatingthe cable connector again

2. The stator winding insulation is damaged.

2. replacing the stator winding

3. Water enters the cavity of the motor.

3. removing the water content and drying the winding

4. The cable is damaged.

4. repairing the cable

The pump does not output water or output a small   quantity of wate

1. The impeller rotates reversely.

1. changing any two phase power cords

2.Water strainer is blocked.

2. removing the blockage

3. The water inlet is exposed out of the water surface.  

3. adjusting the pump to submerge the pump

4. Water pipe leaks or are leaked.

4. replacing the water pipe or removing the sludge

5. The actual pump lift is too high.

5. selecting a pump with proper pump lift

The pump has unstable operation and serious vibration.

1. The impeller is worn seriously.

1. replacing the impeller

2. Impurities block the rotating parts.

2. clearing the impurities

3. The bearing is damaged.

3. replacing the bearing