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Why is the pump still leaking after installation? What are the reasons?

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Why is the pump still leaking after installation? What are the reasons?

The rotating ring and stationary ring of mechanical seal worn out

a) Install too tight: Check the surface of the rotating ring and stationary ring of the mechanical seal. If there is serious scorching, the surface is black and deep marks, the sealing rubber becomes hard (public number: pump housekeeper), and the elasticity is lost. This phenomenon is caused by the tight installation.

b) Install too loose: check the surface of rotating ring and static ring. The surface has a very thin layer of scale that can be wiped off and the surface is virtually free of wear. This is caused by the loss of spring elasticity and poor assembly, or the motor's axial turbulence.

c) The liquid contains solids

d)Dry run damage 

e)Assembly problem: When installing the pump cover, it may not be installed flat, resulting in the shaft and the pump cover is not perpendicular to the static and dynamic plane can not be consistent, the boot time is not long, resulting in unilateral wear and seepage. It is also possible that when installing the static and dynamic rings, the rubber parts are damaged, or the surfaces of the moving and static rings are bruised.

Our Mechanical Seal Advantages: 

a)No leakage or very little leakage during long working life

b)Long working life: Mechanical seal can be used for 2 to 5 years, up to 9 years

c)Shaft or sleeve free from wear

d)Long maintenance cycle, no need to repair under normal working conditions

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