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Water Pumping Machine Manuel

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Water Pumping Machine Manuel

Ready before starting

1. Moving the motor vane by hand, the impeller shouldn't rub, the rotation is nimble.

2. Open inlet valve and discharge valve to fill whole pump with liquid, then close discharge valve after it is full.

3. Start pump by hand, to make lubrication enter into mechanical seal surface.

4. Start motor , check revolving direction is right or not.

Start and running

1.Full-open inlet valve, close the valve of discharge pipeline.

2.Turn on power source, open the valve on discharge pipeline to regulate work condition after revolving speed of pump keep normal.

3.Observing gauge data carefully, checking the leakage condition of shaft's seal. When it is normal, the leakage quantity of mechanical seal is<3 drop/minute, the leakage quantity of stuffing is <10 ml/h.

4.Check the motor and bearing, its temperature should be 70 , if they aren't normal, it should treat in time.


1.Close the valve of discharge pipeline, turn off power source.

2.Close the valve of inlet.

3.If ambient temperature is lower than 0 , all the liquid in pump should discharge to avoid freezing and cracking.

4.If unit keeps stop condition for long time, we should disassemble pump and coat rust-proof grease on it.

Maintenance during operation

1.Inlet pipeline should full with liquid, prohibit pump to operate in cavitate condition;

2.Check the current value of motor periodically, it shouldn't higher than rated current of motor;

3.If pump operates for long time, you should replace damageable parts and check unit periodically

the check time is one year in a general way.

Maintenance for mechanism seal

1.The lubrication of mechanism seal should clean without solid particle.

2.Prohibiting mechanism seal working in the dry grinding condition.

3.Start pump (motor)for several circle before starting, to avoid graphite ring to be damaged.

4.The leakage tolerance of mechanical seal is about 3 drop/minute, or else it should be checked.

Assemble and disassemble

1.Assemble the rotor's parts: Mounting the impeller, impeller nut, shaft sleeve, stuffing sleeve, stuffing ring, stuffing gland,water retaining ring, bearing on the pump shaft in turn, and putting on dual-suction seal ring, then installing the coupling.

2.Mount the rotor on the pump casing, adjusting the impeller to have its axial position in the middle of the dual-suction sea ring and then fixed, then fixing the gland of bearing's body with the terminal screw.

3.Put on the stuffing, the paper pad on the middle opened surface and the pump cover and tighten the threaded-tail conical pin first and the pump's cover nut, then mounting the stuffing gland. But do not press the stuffing too tightly, otherwise the shaft sleeve may get heated to leave a bigger power consumption; while not too loose, or else may result in a big leakage of liquid and reduced pump efficiency. After assembly, move the pump shaft by hand, it should be smooth and uniform without rubbing, disassembly can be made with the above steps contrary.

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