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The Advantages of SD Split Case Water Pump

- May 15, 2018 -


Series SD split case water pumps are single stage, double suction with horizontally split casings. They are suitable for pumping unsettled water, clean water, non-drinkable or hydrocarbon at a temperature not exceeded 105C degree.

SD split case pumps are available for capacities of 68-18000m3/hr and head of 7-240m. It has the following advantages compared the common double suction pump:

Innovative Casing:

-- In-line design

--Short distance between bearings and correspondingly short shaft

-- Leak-tight due to compact joint flange with long, prestressed bolts

-- Counter-rotation possible with similar parts

Service-Friendly Shaft:

-- Completely sealed and dry for zero corrosion

-- Short and rigid with negligible vibrations

-- Replaceable shaft protecting sleeves

-- No threads exposed to pumped medium, long operating lift and no corrosion

-- Adjustment-free assembly

High-Performance Impeller:

-- Minimal axial thrust due to double entry impeller

-- Optional impeller wear rings

-- New vane passage with excellent  hydraulic characteristics

Excellent efficiencies, Outstanding NPSH:

-- Computer-optimized double entry impellers

-- Smooth surfaces inside the casing and on the impeller

-- Smooth, quiet running also gurantted by a large impeller eye area

-- No drop in efficiency due to cost effective replaceable casing wear rings and impeller wear rings

-- Smooth, low loss running due to a swirl-free inlet