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Split Casing Pump Order Instructions

- May 11, 2018 -

Split Casing Pump Order Instructions

  1. Pump's size, material, cooling, sealing pipeline system and motor should be decided according to application conditions. When ordering the following condition should be given: capacity, head, suction pressure, density, temperature,medium and rotate-direction. The media properties should be specified such as flammability, explosivity, poisonousness, corrosivity, crystalline and whether sealing liquid is allowed to enter into pump medium.

2.   If special motor is required, the customer should specify site conditions, ambient temperature    and humidity, installation location and categories (explosion-proof, fire safety and other        requirements) voltage.

3.   If customers need to use shaft seal, the type, size and material of shaft seal will be decided by manufacture according to application condition and also according to customer's requirements.

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