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Shaft Seal Of Horizontal Multistage Pump

- May 15, 2018 -

   Pump with soft packing gland 

  • While starting to change soft packing thoroughly clean the stuffing box and shaft sleeve. 

  • Cut enough number of pieces at the suitable length diagonally from suitable size of soft packing. Roll it up over the shaft sleeve and see the ends are in full contact. 

  • Insert the first packing ring as the joint will place up, and press home using the gland cover. Place the second ring as joint will place down. Insert all the packing rings in the same way. If there is a lantern ring put into place too. 

  • Place the gland and fully tighten, thus the packing rings will take the shape of stuffing box, then loosen it. Slightly tighten by turning the shaft and stop tightening when it slightly brakes the shaft. 

  • After starting operation, it is necessary that water drips from the packing. This dripping shouldn't be less than 10 cm³/min and more than 20 cm³/min. Adjust dripping by uniformly tightening and slackening the gland nuts slightly. 

  • Check the temperature of soft packing after two hours operation after gland adjustment to avoid overheating. Packing temperature must not exceed 80ºC where pumping liquid temperature is the same as ambient temperature.

     Pump with mechanical seal

  • When operating properly the mechanical seal has no visible leakage. Usually mechanical seals do not require maintenance until leakage is visible but its tightness is to be checked regularly. Follow the instructions of mechanical seal manufacturers for the pumps having mechanical seals and NEVER RUN IT DRY!