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How to clean centrifugal pump parts

- Jun 07, 2018 -

How to clean centrifugal pump parts

Centrifugal pump cleaning is an important part of the repair work. The cleaning quality has a great influence on the quality of the mechanical repair. Using correct cleaning methods to improve cleaning quality and reduce costs is one of the issues that repair workers must consider. The cleaning in the repair work includes the external cleaning of the machine, the cleaning of the parts, the cleaning of the parts, and the cleaning of the parts can be classified into pre-assessment cleaning, pre-assembly cleaning, and cleaning of components before plating or bonding.

In the cleaning of the parts of the water pump, the cleaning requirements of the plating cover and the bonded parts are the highest, and the cleaning quality is not high. This is often the cause of plating or bonding failure, and the cleaning quality of the parts assembly has a great influence on the service life of the machine. Severe cleaning failures, infiltration of large quantities of abrasives in important friction pairs, or premature wear and accidental damage of machinery due to the blockage of lubricating oil by dirt, have occurred in some formally inadequate repair work and must be noted.

Several pieces of centrifugal pump cleaning are now listed. Specific details of the basic principles will be explained later.

1) Scrape off scales, rust, etc. accumulated on the inside and outside surfaces of impellers, seal rings, bearings, etc., and clean them with water or compressed air.

2) Clean dirt and rust on the joint surfaces of the pump housing.

3) Clean the water seal tube and check if the tube is open.

4) Wash bearings and bearings, remove grease, and then clean the oil ring and oil level gauge. Ball bearings are cleaned with gasoline.

5) The parts and components that are not assembled for the time being should be protected by oil after cleaning.

The basic principle of centrifugal pump cleaning is all cleaning methods. All the following basic requirements must be fully considered.

1) Ensure that the requirements for the degree of cleanliness of the parts are met. In the repair of water pumps, the different types of parts are not the same as the requirements for cleaning. In the assembly, the cleaning requirements of the fittings are higher than those of the non-parts. Parts are higher than static fittings, and precision fittings are higher than non-precision fittings. For the surface of sprayed, plated and bonded workpieces, the cleaning requirements are very high. According to different requirements, different cleaning agents and cleaning methods must be adopted to ensure the required cleaning quality.

2) Prevent corrosion of parts and do not allow any degree of corrosion of precision parts. When the pump parts need to be parked for a period of time after cleaning, the anti-rust ability of the cleaning solution or other rust prevention measures should be considered.

3) Ensure the safety of the operation, prevent fire or poisoning of the human body and cause pollution to the environment.