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Horizontal Multistage Pump Installation

- May 15, 2018 -


Before installing the pump 

  • Clean the suction and discharge flanges thoroughly. 

  • Remove the protective coating from the pump shaft. 

  • If the pump has been in temporary storage remove all the grease from the bearings with grease lubricated or remove the oil from the bearing house if the pump is oil-lubricated, then clean the bearings with a suitable cleaning fluid and relubricate (NOTE: This is not necessary for the pumps with life time grease lubricated bearings).

Installation Site

The pump must be installed in a frost and dust-free, well-ventilated and non-explosive environment. 

The pump should be installed such that there is space for access, ventilation, maintenance and there is sufficient space above the pump for it to be lifted.

The suction pipe should be kept as short as possible.


  • The greatest care must be taken in preparing the foundation and mounting the pump set. Incorrect installation will result in premature wear of pump components and break down of the pump. 

  • The foundation should be heavy enough to reduce vibrations and rigid enough to avoid any twisting or misalignment. Make sure the concrete foundation has set firm and solid before mounting the pumpset. The surface of the foundation should be truly horizontal and perfectly flat.


  • Place the pumpset on the concrete and by adding or removing shims under the baseplate align the discharge flange horizontally by using a sprit level on it as shown on Fig.Make sure it is completely horizontal. 

  • Slightly tighten the anchor bolts. 

  • Check the coupling alignment as explained in section C4. a 4 ATTENTION Fig. 

  • Aligning a flexible coupling Fig. 4a. Angle error in horizontal plane and to settle Fig. 4b. Angle error in vertical plane and to settle Fig. 4c. Parallel sliding error in horizontal plane and to settle Fig. 4d. Parallel sliding error in vertical plane and to settle 

  • Fill in the baseplate with concrete. Make no air left in it and the baseplate is well integrated with concrete foundation. Wait until the concrete firmly set (minimum 3 days). 

  • Tighten the anchor bolts. CHECK THE COUPLING ALIGNMENT AGAIN C4- Coupling Alignment