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End Suction Pump Features

- May 17, 2018 -

End Suction Pump Features

Application Of End Suction Water Pump

  • Oil & Gas 

  • Marine 

  • Power Generation 

  • Petro-Chemical 

  • Pulp&Paper

  • Water&Wastewater 

  • Construction

End Suction Pump Casing 

The casing is constructed of high tensile cast iron or other specified material. It is of the volue type, carefully and accurately proportioned to permit smooth flow and to convert high velocity energy of the fluid as it leaves the impeller in pressure. Suction and discharge nozzels are cast integral with the volute. The suction has a cast integral vortex breaker to minimize inlet vorticies and the discharge is of the center line type. 

End Suction Pump Impeller

The impeller is of the end suction type, casted in one piece of 304 stainless steel or other specified material. Each impeller is trimmed to meet customer requirements and are dynamically balanced prior to assembly. Impellers are furnished standard with back pump out vanes keeping material from building up around the stuffing box and throat area. 

End Suction Pump Shaft

The shaft is of high strengh stailess steel machines and polished to a smooth surface. It is designed for extra stiffness to avoid all critical speeds in operation. The shaft us stepped in diameter and so designed as to minimize shaft deflection at the stuffing box. 

End Suction Pump Shaft Sleeve

The shaft sleeve is of 304 Stainless steel or other specified material and designed to protect the shaft in the stuffing box area, the shaft sleeve is keyed preventing it from rotating and has an o-ring on its inner diameter to prevent water from leaking under the sleeve.