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Centrifugal Pump Working Theory

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Centrifugal Pump Working Theory

The main wet parts of the centrifugal pump include a suction chamber, an impeller and a pressure chamber. The water-absorption chamber is located in front of the inlet of the impeller and plays the role of guiding the liquid to the impeller. The pressure-pressure chamber mainly has three types: a spiral pressure chamber (volute type), a guide vane and a space guide vane; the impeller is the pump's most The important working element is the heart of the flow-through part. The impeller consists of the cover plate and the middle blade.

Before the centrifugal pump works, the pump is filled with liquid, and then the centrifugal pump is started. The impeller rotates rapidly. The blades of the impeller drive the liquid to rotate. When the liquid rotates, it flows to the outer edge of the impeller by inertia, and the impeller draws liquid from the suction chamber. In this process, the liquid in the impeller flows around the vane, and the liquid acts on the vane during the flow movement. In turn, the vane acts on the liquid with a force equal to and equal to the lift force. This force works on the liquid. The liquid gets energy and flows out of the impeller. Both the kinetic energy and pressure energy of the liquid increase.

Centrifugal pumps rely on the action of a rotating impeller on the liquid to transfer the mechanical energy of the prime mover to the liquid. Due to the effect of the centrifugal pump, both the velocity energy and the pressure energy are increased during the flow of liquid from the impeller inlet to the outlet. The liquid discharged by the impeller passes through the extrusion chamber. Most of the velocity can be converted into pressure energy and then transported along the discharge pipeline. Going out, at this time, a vacuum or low pressure is formed at the inlet of the impeller due to the discharge of the liquid. The liquid in the suction pool is pressed into the inlet of the impeller under the action of the liquid pressure (atmospheric pressure), and the rotating impeller is continuously Inhalation and discharge of liquids.