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Milestone has been dedicated to providing solutions in the pumping fields since 2006. We have been accumulated mature technical team, sales teams and after-sale team,and finished more than 150 project cases every year. 

"Where there is water, there is MST". 

In 2006, the company was established and named Milestone.Our factory set up with one resign sand casting line. Annual Cast Capacity 400kg.

In 2010, Company developing. 73 experienced staff. Spectrograph Test. Annual cast capacity 800kg.

In 2013, performance improvement. Two resin Sand Casting Line. One lost Casting Line. CNC Technology.Machining capacity increase to 3m of casting. Annual cast capacity 1000kg.

In 2015, Milestone established three branches company with the coming of more and more project cases. 

In 2018, Milestone not only focus on pumps, but also involved in Belt, Steel Construction.